A look inside $1B VAI Resort opening in Arizona in 2024

A look inside $1B VAI Resort opening in Arizona in 2024

Article Originally Posted by AZBigMedia on April 28, 2023
Imagine a $1 billion, 60-acre resort oasis destination rising from the Arizona desert landscape. Imagine a hotel room transforming into the most incredible concert seat to view world-renowned artists and entertainers performing from the $40 million VAI stage in an unprecedented amphitheater and live entertainment venue. Imagine an island escape inspired by the most exotic beaches in the world now set at the center of a resort destination. It takes a visionary to go beyond imagining and disrupt the status quo. With the arrival of Arizona's new VAI Resort in 2024, the luxury travel, hospitality, and entertainment experience will evolve and transform. Led by Grant Fisher, the 27-year-old hospitality entrepreneur, and the VAI Global Development team, VAI is the manifestation of a dream to create the world's most iconic resort in the most unexpected yet perfect location.  


• It will be the first hotel property to create a live music venue with rooms.

• It will feature four towers with more than 1,100 rooms, suites and villas.

• VAI music and entertainment venue features a $40 million state-of-the-art stage.

• Entertainment options include 12 signature restaurants, Konos Island and Beach Oasis, luxury spa, nightclub venue, rides and attractions,

“Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and it’s what inspired me to dream big. VAI Resort was born from my experiences exploring different parts of the world and wanting to bring this global perspective to my backyard,” says Grant Fisher, President and CEO of VAI Global Development and an Arizona native. “Our mission is to redefine the luxury hospitality experience while incorporating the thrill of live entertainment. VAI is a one-of-a-kind destination set to exceed all expectations and leave a lasting impression on our guests.”

Upon opening, VAI Resort will not only be the largest hotel resort destination in the state of Arizona, but it will also be the most dynamic. Ideally set in Glendale, at the heart of Metro Phoenix, VAI will redefine the concept of a full-service resort hotel by delivering a multi-faceted experience. With an overall design inspired by the sounds and rhythms of music, state-of-the-art entertainment venues, curated culinary concepts, and a first-of-its-kind, live music and concert venue, VAI will live up to the spirit of the word which is described as: a behavior, a lifestyle. Synonym for “awesome.” Something or someone can be qualified as “vai” when it reaches a peak of motivation and total fun.”